Our experienced and qualified employment specialists have a wide range of government, private sector and industry experience to help people figure out what they are good at and support them to find work.


west coast (oPTIONS VOCATIONAL SERVICE), central region

(mental health, intellectual disability, physical disability)

Our employment and vocational services staff help people develop a personal plan, build self-confidence and gain motivation. We also support people to develop communication skills, learn to work with others and link with other agencies where necessary. We determine barriers to employment and identify practical steps to finding a job. We can help people find suitable training as well as voluntary and paid work. Once people are in work, we can support them in the workplace.      

Through all of this we focus on people’s strengths and help them develop and maintain natural supports, therefore increasing their participation in the community. 

It can be complex to explain how referrals are made to Pact so please get in touch if you want to find out how to access our services. We’ll bend over backwards to help you. Even if you are not eligible for government-funded Pact support, we have other options, including paying for Pact services privately (see individually-funded services) and our affiliated private service, (see Boost Personal Support Services).

“I do not feel I could have done any of this if I didn’t meet [my Pact support worker]. She always told me I could do it even when I doubted myself. She was always there when I needed her.”
— Pact West Coast Options vocational service client talking about finding work