In Dunedin we have three specialist Maori supported accommodation services and Maori community support.




Our specialist Maori supported accommodation service in Dunedin supports people recovering from mental illness and people with intellectual disabilities: Te Whare Oranga is based in a beautiful rural setting on the Taieri and Ahuru Mowai is in South Dunedin.

They draw their kawa from the Whanaungatanga best practice model, based in Tikanga Maori. From this sound foundation, there is a commitment to ensuring that tangata whanau are embraced, guided by the principles of Tika, Pono and Aroha.

We also have a Maori Community Support service which provides support from a Maori perspective.

It can be complex to explain how referrals are made to Pact so please get in touch if you want to find out how to access our services. We’ll bend over backwards to help you. Even if you are not eligible for government-funded Pact support, we have other options, including paying for Pact services privately (see individually-funded services).

“Everyone is great and so is the kai, it’s kapai here.”
— Pact Miringa Whakaaro client