All that we do within Pact is aligned to our mission, vision, values and attitudes.


Our Mission

Supporting people to lead fulfilling lives.


OUR Values

Be vibrant: happy, friendly, optimistic, generous, humane and energetic.

Be innovative: astute, proactive, sensible, progressive and inquiring.

Be professional: competent, work with integrity, objective, consistent, astute, respectful, accountable, diligent, trustworthy and loyal.

Be supportive: extending, caring, vibrant, challenging and warm. 


OUR Vision

Service of Choice
Provider of Choice
Employer of Choice


OUR Attitudes 

Work smart: plan, have skills and resources in the right places, don’t duplicate effort, don’t waste others’ time, know the business.

Build relationships: identify and engage fully, listen, trust, work together, be worthwhile knowing.

Be vital: inject energy and effort, cut to the point, communicate, share ideas, focus on results and get things done, be present.

Drive change: make changes that matter locally and nationally, lead from the front, speak out, stay informed, take responsibility and see through from start to finish.