There aren’t many organisations which can claim a history going back to the 1800’s, but we can.


Relief to the needy

We had our beginnings in an organisation called the Patients' and Prisoners' Aid Society of Otago (PPAS). PPAS was set up in 1877 by a group of Dunedin people whose mission was to "help the helpless and bring relief to the needy." It provided support, help and hope to people in Dunedin prisons and "lunatic asylums".

In the 1980s two new trusts were set up to provide separate services - one for patients (called PACT – which at the time stood for the Patients and Community Trust) and one for offenders (PARS - Prisoners Aid & Rehabilitation).

Pact rapidly expanded in Dunedin in the 1990’s and we also began services in Southland, followed by the West Coast, Balclutha and Oamaru.

In the early 2006 we rebranded with a new logo and changed the look of our name from PACT to Pact. The concept behind the red icon on Pact’s logo is based on the idea of a “pact” - a pact being an agreement between two parties. It also plays on the customised service that people experience; this is represented by the two shapes fitting together.

In 2014 we expanded into the North Island, when we merged with Wellington and the Hutt Valley provider, Q-nique. We further expanded in the North Island in 2017 with a Department of Corrections contract to provide support to prisoners/offenders, and their families, in Hawke’s Bay, Whanganui, Wellington (Upper Hutt) and Manawatu.