Supporting people to lead fulfilling lives in the community.


What we do

At the beginning of this century it was easy to describe what Pact did. We provided community support, supported accommodation and day programmes to people recovering from mental illness and people with intellectual disabilities.

But now we have expanded so much, there is just no way to cover every type of service we provide in one sentence. Of course we can provide a list of services:

Or we could list the needs of the people we support:

  • Children and youth

  • Family/whanau of people with mental health issues

  • Adults

  • The elderly

  • Offenders with an intellectual disability

  • Offenders/prisoners with mental health issues

  • High-risk offenders

  • People recovering from mental illness

  • People with a physical or intellectual disability

  • People wanting to overcome alcohol and other drug or gambling addiction

  • People requiring a Pacific or Maori cultural base to their support

  • People needing help with personal finances and/or housing

But what does all of that really say? The vision outlined at the top of this page sums it up best. We provide support to anyone with a need so they can lead fulfilling lives in the community. We don’t care why you need our support or what that support looks like. It’s our job to figure that out with you.