Access and Choice (Lower North)
Tōku Oranga (Southern)

Our Access and Choice community support workers and health coaches work with GP practices to provide short-term interventions to support adults in Southland, Otago and the Hutt Valley who are experiencing mental health issues, as well as youth in the Hutt Valley.



Our community support workers work with people through their local GP to provide timely short-term support to improve their health and wellbeing (mental/physical health and/or addiction issues). This free service gives people access to care and support quickly and in a place that works for them.

A mental health diagnosis is not needed, but the people we support are probably dealing with something that is affecting their wellbeing, eg anxiety, depression or being in need of support to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

We provide support for anything affecting people’s emotional health, mental wellbeing and physical health and work with them one-on-one to support improving self-management and positive change.

Our staff enable you to access a wide range of support and services. These may
include support for:

  • Drug and alcohol management or Gambling
  • Work and income
  • Family/whānau issues
  • Financial issues
  • Housing
  • Long-term disability
  • Paid work
  • Social engagement

We also provide practical support, such as helping people make healthier choices if they wanted to manage their diet. In some areas, we run groups supporting long-term health struggles or fitness and walking groups.

We help build motivation and capability for people to better understand and self-manage their physical and emotional wellbeing. We do a lot of navigating and will connect people to other services where needed.

We can also refer people to one of Pact’s many services that may help.


We can provide face-to-face, telephone or text support for people aged between 10 and 24 who live in the Hutt Valley.

We can offer: 

  • Introductions to people and places to help young people
  • Groups and workshops
  • Information and support if young people are feeling sad or worried
  • Practical help like food parcels
  • Support for parents and whānau, including finding services to help them

It can be complex to explain how referrals are made to Pact so please get in touch if you want to find out how to access our services. We’ll bend over backwards to help you. Even if you are not eligible for government-funded Pact support, we have other options, including paying for Pact services privately (see individually funded services).

Tel: 03 477 4312


Tel: 03 477 4312