Community support services are for people living independently in the community who need some help with living skills and goals.

SOUTHLAND, otago, west coast, central region

Adult community support
(mental health, intellectuaL disability, physical disability)

We provide help for adults, who are living in the community and who have mental illness or an intellectual disability. We support people to reach their goals, whether that is learning a new daily living skill, tapping into social networks in the community, assisting with housing, or exploring work or study options. People set the goal - we are there to help.

We also offer specialist Maori community support in Dunedin and Pacific community support in Wellington.


SOUTHLAND, WEST COAST, central region

youth community support
(mental health, intellectual disabiility)

Our youth community support workers get to know young people in their own home/community and support them to achieve their goals. They work alongside the young person (and their case manager where relevant) and help them maintain or improve their mental health, self-esteem and social skills. People might need support to find a job or figure out what there is to do in their community. We can help them develop routines for each day that include activities like school, sports, youth groups, craft. Our team has input and oversight from registered clinicians. Support is provided by trained mental health support workers.

It can be complex to explain how referrals are made to Pact so please get in touch if you want to find out how to access our services. We’ll bend over backwards to help you. Even if you are not eligible for government-funded Pact support, we have other options, including paying for Pact services privately (see individually-funded services).

“Dealing with mental health difficulties on your own can be a frightening and lonely experience. Just knowing someone is there for you – someone who really tries to understand and support you does make a difference.”
— Pact Southland community support client