Pact Central Region provides support in Wellington for the second largest Pacific Island population per capita in New Zealand.

central region

(MENTAL HEALTH AND alcohol and other drugs)

Our Fetu Ola Pasifika team in Wellington ensures people receive support that reflects who they are as a person and a people. We provide support with family, housing, education, employment and accessing financial or social/health services. Our skilled and compassionate Pacific navigators work with people to identify their needs and develop goals to support them to achieve great outcomes.

We can provide support individually or in groups and wherever needed, whether that is in people’s own homes or in the wider community, eg churches and social events etc.

It can be complex to explain how referrals are made to Pact so please get in touch if you want to find out how to access our services. We’ll bend over backwards to help you. Even if you are not eligible for government-funded Pact support, we have other options, including paying for Pact services privately (see individually-funded services).

“If you set a goal, believe in yourself … one day you will achieve your goal.”
— Pact Wellington Pacific Navigation Service client who found full-time work